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A successful online course gives you the ability to impact the lives of people around the world. Rather than working one-on-one and trading your time for money, you can increase your income and help more people at the same time. However, creating your course is just one part of the equation. The way you launch and market it will make the difference between a course that impacts thousands and one that sits silently online, hidden from the very people it could help.   For this course, you should already have put in the time and energy to design, develop, and set up your own online course.   In this course, you’ll look in detail at how you can successfully launch and market your online course. You’ll find everything you need including how to create sales pages that convert, email sequences that create a buzz, a webinar that turns potential customers into buyers, and much more. This course is your blueprint for a successful launch and subsequent sales, and with that, you will achieve your business and revenue targets.

Suram · February 19, 2022

By the time you complete this course, you’ll be able to:

✓ Consider the experience you’ve had marketing your course so far
and set goals for your new launch, so that you have a clear focus
for your sales targets

✓ Build a high-converting sales page that’s attractive and
informative, so that you can generate more sales

✓ Earn immediate income by selling your course to existing
customers who can benefit, so that you have additional revenue
to spend on your launch and testimonials to use in your

✓ Implement powerful tactics to increase sales and convert more
customers, so that you can ensure your launch is a success

✓ Create the sales funnel you need to sell your online course, so
that you attract and convert visitors to happy, successful

✓ Fill each level of your sales funnel with enticing content that
shows the value you and your course offer, so that the right
people are excited to enroll as students

✓ Design and present a high-impact webinar to educate and inform
prospective customers, so that buying your course is a no

✓ Deliver sequences of engaging emails to build relationships and
generate excitement around your course, so that you get more

✓ Assess whether to use paid advertising to get sign-ups for your
funnel, so that more potential customers enter your system and
purchase your course

✓ Seek out appropriate partners to promote for you, so that you
widen your market, reach more people who need your course,
and make more sales

✓ Set up an evergreen system to sell your course on autopilot, so
that your course is accessible to anyone at any time and you make sales while you sleep

✓ Consolidate and implement your learning and plan future action
steps, so that you can achieve the goals you set for this course
and develop further.

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