Gem Edge Plus

Gem Edge is a customised learning path specially crafted to empower the next generation leader to excel in leadership skills.

Gem EDge career path contains over power courses spanning across 50+ hours of intense leadership learning.

This is a very essential course path for anyone who wish you lead a team and excel at leading a large team.

This path is also equally useful to those who are leading a team. They will identify several new methods of thinking, executing and communicating with various stakeholders.


  • Anyone pursuing MBA, CA or any other professional management course. 
  • Any technical person aspiring to become a team leader or manager
  • Professionals pursuing PMP / Prince / Scrum certification 
  • Entreprenuers 
  • Independent practitioners 

These courses focus on four essential quotients required for professional growth. 

Each course is tagged in one of the following categories: 

  1. Consciousness quotient 
  2. External Quotient 
  3. Digital Quotient 
  4. Number Quotient 

You will start by exploring your purpose and align your mindset.

You will then proceed with learning 80 key concepts required for accelerating and sustaining your career growth. 

Yes. You will get a certificate once you complete all courses, assignments , quizzes and final assessment. 

Yes, Once you join the program, you will realise what are the real needs of corporates , you learnt and what the real gap is.

This career path  will help you bridge the gap.

You will immensely benefit from the course path. You will learn new methods of getting the required clarity, various qualities that make a growth mindset.

Duration of all courses in this career path is 20 hours. You need another 10 hours to complete the exercises and contact sessions. 

So , if you spend an hour a day, you can assure yourself that you will be a much stronger and wiser person.

Isn’t that amazing!

Glad that you asked this question. If you feel that your responsibilities are demanding, chances are that you are unable to balance work and life. This could even be taking a huge toll on your health, social relations and long term wellness. 

More the reason you should seriously consider this. Try to spare 2 to 3 hours over the weekends and 15 minutes everyday. Give yourself a 100 day plan and execute this diligently. 

In just a matter of few weeks, you will start observing changes in your behaviour and the way you respond to others.  

Once you complete the course in toto and practice all concepts explained in each course, you will gain higher productivity, more time and so on. 

While the core modules are on self paced e-learning mode, we will also connect periodically over a zoom call to discuss and debate various tools and techniques.


In addition to this , you will be part of a vibrant group members who pursue goals similar to yours. So, its fun and productive meeting all your class mates virtually.

Yes. very much !


From the day one,  you will be part of a vibrant group with members like you who pursue goals similar to yours. So, its fun and productive meeting all your class mates virtually.


The interface looks and feels like a face book group. So you are never disconnected.

Thats a good idea. Taking this course along with your co-workers is the best option you can ever have. This enables quicker learning and uniform implementation of concepts and best practices learnt. 

The current course offer is the best you can get in the market.  In case you want this to be implemented at your workplace with 50 or more team members , you can write to us at [email protected] . We will be happy to understand your requirements and assist you better.

We have taken every care to ensure that our  learning platform is responsive and works on all devices and form factors. 

Good news is that we are soon going to launch a dedicated mobile app as well.

We are here to help.

With us you are never alone and offline. We are just a click away for anything you need. You can post your queries on the forum page, write to us, chat with us.  

Since this is a self paced learning, you are free to use it the way you want. We will send you the updates on your registered mobile. You can catch up with the forum threads and get updated.

There is no question of missing anything while you are with us.

In case you have not accessed < 5% of the lessons from a single system and wish to cancel for various reasons, we will refund 100% of the fees net of GST.


No questions asked.

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