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Common Reasons for Poor Time Management and Productivity

Slide February 10, 2021

It is commonly noticed that people raise concerns about time, stating too short, not feeling like doing the work, messed up with too much, etc. Similarly, job holders experience concerns with Time Management and efficiency, like unable to complete work on time, too much to handle, no time for breaks or leaves, etc. Every person faces different situations and challenges due to the difference in skills, work-culture, organization, etc., but if closely observed 16 most common reasons have been identified which can be broadly classified into three categories.

3 Categories of Reasons of Poor Efficiency and Productivity are:

  1. Goals and Efforts
  2. Soft skills
  3. Technology skills

In the first category, Goals & Efforts 7 reasons are identified:

  1. Lack of larger purpose and vision
  2. Unclear project goals
  3. Mental Baggage
  4. Too much of Perfectionism
  5. Focus on trivia
  6. Not able to say NO
  7. Procrastination

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