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Contribution to Company

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Contribution to Company

Slide November 1, 2020

This is a very less thought aspect. Everyone takes up job and give their best to avail the best job opportunities, awards and recognition but how many actually think about the company growth. This is also important to keep in mind as you grow with the company.

  • Achievements

Rewards and recognition must be a part of any organization recognizing performers on a Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly. Your performance should attract them to boost your zeal of working. Even, best salary benefit, promotion or moving to a more responsible role with challenging tasks are also achievements, as these are also the driving forces to keep us focused and the company’s momentum of being successful. If the company gets awards for the employee contribution and efforts, then that is an achievement for the company.

  • Value Added Service

Contribution to the company by an employee is rarely seen from the view of an employee. Not many are interested or rather think that they have to give enough productivity to the company by spending the scheduled hours at work. This is not contribution; it is doing what company is paying you for. Looking beyond yourself towards the company’s progress is a worthy benefit both for company and yourself. Anything that you suggest, improves production or implements a step that reduces the multitasking etc., all these mark as contribution to company.