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Evaluating One-self

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Evaluating One-self

Slide October 22, 2020

Self-evaluation is necessary to understand if we want to work towards something. We need to understand and question ourselves. This evaluation gives different outcomes in terms of skills, financial status, lifestyle etc. So, as mentioned earlier, whatever you want to achieve is in your hands.

  • Why do you want to work?

For Financial status, for better life, passionate towards job, to be responsible and self-reliant, to support family etc.

I came across candidates with funnier reasons to work like, want to get married, get good dowry (not appreciated though), always dreamt to live in a city and many more.

So, it is time for you to think why you want to work, as varied reasons lead to various career paths.

  • What kind of work do you want?

Almost every sector covers different kinds of job roles – peaceful desk job, physically active job – like sales & marketing, only government jobs, corporate jobs, sports related jobs, leadership role, skill-based job etc. The world is filled with wide varieties of job opportunities. It is we, who must make a choice.

  • What do you have t0 start your career?

Now, lets understand what you have, to begin your career with, like communication skills, technical skills, any additional skills, flexibility with working hours, ability to handle multiple tasks, ability to learn quickly and implement etc.

So, you must choose the job role that can match your skillset and also your capability. Maybe there is a skillset in the job role which you do not have but you are confident that you would fulfil if given an opportunity, then attempt the opportunity. As you progress in career, you get to learn what else can be developed.

  • What are you looking for, to enhance your career?

As Freshers, there is something that you need to work on yourself whether communication skills or IT skills or skills as per the job profile.

Once you are clear about what kind of job you would like to do, you can choose specific skill. Nowadays, there are institutions / companies offering different kinds of courses to upgrade and update ourselves. Also, Online courses are available which are easy, flexible and reasonably economical. Now with developed Technology, many options are available, and it is you who has to make the choice.

  • What is required t0 have a successful career?

Everything!! Yes, this is not asking for too much, this is a Must. In case you are seriously looking to make a great career for yourself, you must give 100% post your education because this is the turning point of life. And, you are stepping into the large world of opportunities, enthusiasm and competition.

So, apart from your qualifications, skills, you must have all the Qualifying Qualities mentioned in the earlier part of this course.

Never give up!! Never lose hope!! Accept failure and success equally!!