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Interview & Preparation

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Interview & Preparation

Slide October 22, 2020
  • Interview Docket

Resume projects summary of you and your personality. So, presentation of the same is also important. If you are a fresher or your experience is of 2-3 years:

  1. Ensure only your experience information is mentioned. Do not mention any false experience or details. Some candidates think that giving too much information will attract attention of interviewer.
  2. Ensure the font is same in the entire resume, except some bold for highlighting.
  3. Avoid any color resume.
  4. Mention your personal address and your contact number.
  5. Give the details of roles and responsibilities of the experience gained.
  6. Never mention the reference details of your relatives like Aunt, Uncle etc.
  7. Relevant documents to be included like experience certificate, relieving certificate and any exceptional recognition certificates.
  8. Sign the resume mentioning the date and place.
  9. Never take a role of the resume or documents when attending interview. Ensure all of them are neatly placed in a folder including your passport size photos and ID proof (original and copies)
  • Identifying a suitable Job

Many people are graduating every year and stepping into the job market. Also, multinational companies, government, medical world, startup companies etc., are looking for candidates for their operations. It is a notion that joining a corporate company will fetch a great future. But, never stick to that, because, there are many start-up companies or small companies which are having openings that not only give you salary but also gives ample scope for learning and developing oneself in the job market. So, now, it is your turn to identify the company and the job role.

  • Assessing Company & Job

Whenever a job is posted, job description and candidate requirements are also mentioned. Check if you match the role or if job is worth attempting.

Check the company details thoroughly in Google or other relevant sources and understand:

  1. Company operations
  2. Company tenure and size along with Operations Heads
  3. Job Role in the company and information of operations around this role
  4. Understand other job opportunities
  5. Working hours of operations / shifts if any
  6. Scope of growth in the company
  7. Benefits
  8. Annual Performance of the company

Always prepare yourself thoroughly before attending any interview as this not only gives you an understanding of the company and job but also instills confidence in you when facing the Interview panel.

  • Job Expectations

It is always important for you to set your job expectations as Employer also expects you to quote the same. Ensure that your expectations are realistic and clear. There is no specific expectation that can be set by us as candidates have different expectations. Our motto is to guide you to prepare with everything that is relevant for you to begin and work your career.

But unless asked do not mention a package of salary as your expectation. The most common expectations anyone can have are:

  1. Learning opportunities
  2. Growth opportunities
  3. Recognition of performance
  4. Satisfying work experience
  • Interview Etiquette
  • Ensure all the documents like your resume (signed by you), educational documents, any specific course certificates and any recognitions or achievements (like National sports certificate etc.) along with a pen are carried along
  • Be present at the location 10 mts before the scheduled interview.
  • Men must wear formal dress like shirt & trousers, neatly combed hair, shoes. Tie, blazer etc., is best suitable for higher designation.
  • Women must wear simple salwar dress or formal shirt & trousers with light make up and neatly tied hair.
  • Never wear heavy or sound making jewelry or funky stuff of shoes or dresses.
  • Avoid using mobile phones when waiting for interview. And, switch off mobile phone when you are in the interview.
  • Avoid loud conversations and unnecessary discussions in the premises of the interview
  • Be attentive and get into the Interview room once called. Then, take permission to get into the room.
  • Greet everyone with a light pleasant smile once permitted.
  • Take your seat when the interviewer says or seek permission to take seat.
  • Be confident and look into the interviewer’s eyes and speak.
  • Never rush to speak. Once a question is asked, take few seconds to answer.
  • Be interactive, not just a nod or yes/no.
  • At the end of the interview, seek permission and ask questions relevant to the job role and company apart from what you are already aware of.
  • If you are not sure to take up the job when they are ready to offer, inform that you would need time to get back.
  • Revert as per the time you have given, or if they have asked to contact. Avoid any delay. This not only displays your discipline but saves your time as well.