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Time Management Project

Slide February 12, 2021

The Time Management Project is all about conscious efforts to follow religiously the simple steps and execute the methods for increased productivity and performance.

Based on the learnings, let us work on Time Management Project to identify our good areas and areas of improvement.

Assessing Goals and Time Management

  1. Review your current goals, dividing them up based on short-term and long-term and write them down in your Goals Assessment Tracker
    1. Set specific milestones and deadlines for each goal.
    2. Identify areas where you are wasting time or overworking
    3. Highlight issues you want to focus on resolving that are impacting your efficiency like distractions, perfectionism, overburdened.
    4. Categorize work-related and personal tasks, focus on one list at work, one list after work avoiding any time collision

Action Steps

  1. Download a timer app or find a suitable timer that you can use to stay on track.
  2. Prepare a checklist of tasks – Daily Task Tracker, for the day along with deadline and completion status.
  3. Pin up a Time Management pledge and read it when you feel slow and low.
  4. List out tasks in the ranking of priority with high priority on top
  • Needs to be done today on Priority
  • Should be completed today
  • Doesn’t need to be done today
  • Can be delegated to others
  1. If you have more than seven or eight, you need to trim your list.
  2. Try to schedule tasks during the optimal times of day when you’re most productive, best at problem solving or communicating with others.
  3. Add a buffer of time in your schedule between blocks of work and avoid scheduling too tightly. This helps in handling unanticipated interruptions or time to spend for yourself.
  4. At the end of each day in the first week, review the task status using the Daily Assessment Tracker.
  5. Plan for the next day after reviewing the Daily Task Tracker and Daily Assessment Tracker.
  6. After your first week with the techniques, reflect on what you’ve done and the progress you’ve made towards your goals. After several days of using the system, you should have a solid understanding of what changes can be made for better efficiency. Use Weekly progress tracker.


Project Management Triangle

As of now, we have understood how to manage time and attain productivity for yourself. Look at the diagram. Every manager will go through the pain with clients, completing projects and meeting deadlines. Clients want high quality, low-priced items in the fastest possible timeframes. This is never going to change.

As a manager, you need to strike the right balance between these three elements – Time, Cost, and Quality.

Project Management Triangle

Look at the intersection. Though it is right at the center, you may be cornered and secluded there. If you step into that small and red triangle, you might as well have entered the Bermuda triangle.

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