Gem Edge: Emotional Intelligence Advantage


You probably know someone that is highly intelligent from an intellectual standpoint but struggles with life. This is often a person with low emotional intelligence. Just because you’re smart doesn’t mean you can make you way through the world successfully.

Those with high levels of emotional intelligence also have control over their thoughts and emotions. They both go hand-in-hand. This makes it obvious why emotionally intelligent people are usually quite successful. They get along well with others and have mastery over themselves.


By boosting the right components of emotional intelligence, you can gain mastery over your thoughts and emotions.



It is generally presumed that emotional intelligence is fine for those in the arts and humanities, but emotional intelligence is necessary for success in all fields.

Emotional intelligence provides many benefits, such as:

  1. Increases your social effectiveness. When you understand your emotions and the emotions of others, you can connect and communicate more effectively. It can be a great advantage in personal relationships.
  2. Enhances your ability to lead others. When you understand motivation, emotional state management, and can empathize with others, you become a more effective leader.
  3. It boosts the likelihood of success. When you can control your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, you can do anything.
  4. It reduces bad habits and self-destructive behaviors. Whether it’s overeating, using drugs or alcohol, or wasting a day watching TV, emotional intelligence makes it easier to avoid these behaviors.
  5. You develop mastery over yourself. This is the primary focus of this eBook. For some people, this is the whole point of living – to learn how to master yourself. How many times do you know the best course of action, but you do something else instead? Gaining emotional intelligence can be the answer.

Emotional intelligence provides a lot of advantages. It’s easy to pick out those who are high in emotional intelligence. It’s also easy to pick out those who are lacking in this important characteristic. Emotional intelligence might not be the most exciting thing to develop. But, it might be the most important.

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