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Suram June 2, 2020

The planet we live in today spins every day and makes a full circle every twenty-four hours. No matter what we do, we move along with it seamlessly. 

However, what if one day, the world goes in one direction, and we do not go along with it? Disaster! Isn’t it?

That is what is happening to most of us in the corporate world. We are oblivious to the motion and direction of the rest of the world. We are busy living in the inbox. For some, it is Outlook; for another, it is WhatsApp, Facebook, or something similar. You name it. We are thoroughly engrossed, and we spin and push ourselves to go with them.

So, how do we sense the motion and direction of the world, develop the necessary gravitational forces, and stay aligned to the movement? How do we track and adapt to all the latest trends? 

Fortunately, it is not very difficult. 

This course is all about helping you engineer your growth.

My objective is to take your critical skills to the top of the learning curve. 

Once you complete this course (book, online exercises, and psychometrics) successfully and practice all activities, people around you will notice a visible improvement in your ability to analyze the situation and make appropriate choices.