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Common Types of Distractions

Suram February 11, 2021

Most Common Types of Distractions are:

  1. Social Media

Social distractions have become even more enhanced thanks to the multitude of social media platforms that are available at our disposal today. Unfortunately, with so many choices it is too often easy for us to spend hours of our time on the networks rather than working on the things that we set out to accomplish.

When you create a routine, you want to be sure to attach a time frame to your plans to help you avoid being distracted by the pull of social media until you complete your tasks. When you aren’t distracted by social platforms and other unplanned activities you can better manage your time throughout the day.

  • Phones or Mobiles

Phone has been invented for easy and smart communication and to be used when needed. But, nowadays, it has literally become a part of the body. We keep getting calls whether necessary or unnecessary, also we use phones or mobiles for casual talks which get prolonged for long hours. And, the messaging has become ridiculous with very little or unimportant matters like, ‘what are you doing’, ‘what did you have for lunch’, ‘how was the birthday gift’ or varieties of wishes like Good morning, Good evening and so on.

Above all, the internet access on the mobile phones has literally put the world in the hands of the user. Mobile phones have become the smart devices which have overtaken the control on our lives easily. Everyone depends for the mobile phones from calls to shopping to messaging to medical purposes. It has become an All-in-One Device. People are unable to live without mobile phones now.

So, it is time we decide how we are using these devices. Restricted and right use of devices is good.

  • Online Games

Playing online games is a very interesting and most popular pastime. As long as participation is for pastime for some time, it is okay. But if this becomes an addiction you tend to have the game on your mind constantly and spend lot of time on this. So, this causes deviation from the more Important things of life. It is no exaggeration if I say that it leads to complex diseases if this addiction aggravates. We regularly get to hear about these in the News and Articles by doctors. So, the productive nature of the mind is lost.

  • Unhealthy Mindset

Life has become open to too many things around us, so our thoughts also keep wandering around too many things. At the same time, uncontrolled natures like anger, jealousy, daydreaming with no efforts, over ambitions overpowering the mind, give little space to the focused and healthy thought process. Also, the kind of eating options have increased multi-fold and binging on unhealthy foods has increased like fast food or junk food. The physical activities have reduced leaving no room for an exercised or healthy body. All these impacts the mind in some way or the other. For this, self-awareness is most important.