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Effects of Distractions

Suram February 11, 2021

Effects of Distractions

  1. Loss of interest in your Important tasks

The interest to do the task is lost and so you keep prolonging the time by engaging in the non-important task

2. Increases the Time of Task Completion

If you work with concentration, you will be in a flow to complete the task. When you get distracted, momentum is lost and some time is spent on the distraction. Thereby, forcing you to spend more time to complete the important task. 

3. Fatigue or Exhaustion

Whenever you are playing Online games or involved in Social media or any kind of distraction, you tend to get exhausted mentally. This will lead to restless as well. Ultimately, you get tired to do your actual work.

4. Concentration Failure

Any task requires concentration and freshness in the mind for right productivity. But, if your mind wavers in different involvements, the continuity of efficient performance is lost.

5. Impact on Task Performance

Any kind of distraction will disrupt the process of quality and productive output. So, whenever you try to do the work, you tend to make mistakes, then correct or proceed by overlooking some information.