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Fourth Technique – Have an Open, Clear, and Practical Mindset

Suram February 11, 2021

You might wonder how focusing on mindset is a technique. I assure you, that it is indeed a technique. You might have all the tools and technology but if you do not have a strong and efficient mindset, the implementation to achieve gets wavered.

The human mind is a monkey kind; it is never stable. It keeps running with thoughts, dreams, different feelings, etc. We need to have control over it based on situations and with the experiences so far. We have to move around with the existing conditions and adapt accordingly. For this, we need to have an open, clear, and practical mindset. So, you need to understand and implement them religiously. Believe me, a conscious effort of controlling the mind and its results are undoubtedly satisfying, we will discuss 4 things relating to a better Mindset:

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Choose the right way to deal
  3. Focus on the goal concepts
  4. Up-to-date technical know-how

1. Believe in Yourself

  • Believe in yourself because you are capable of what you think and do. It is just that you have to demonstrate your capabilities. Do not carry the mindset of ‘worry’, ‘anger’, failures, etc., that create negativity. Leave them as they do harm and never help you. If you pile up these kinds of feelings, you will be moving away from a peaceful and successful life.
  • Take your own decisions and ensure that you never regret them. Taking your own decisions means not being adamant, just being confident. It is good to take the opinion of others when required, it helps. But, finally, it should be your decision that suits your kind of work. Not everyone’s decisions or way of working are the same.
  • Always learn from your mistakes and issues. Try to overcome them and not skip them. If everything works as per comfort, there is nothing special. Results of efforts are always satisfying.

2. Choose the Right way to deal

  • You are not the only person to do any work. So, do not bother to handle all tasks on your own. Share it or say ‘No’ to the work in a polite manner. Overburdening yourself will mess up all your works.
  • Ensure that your tasks are within your capability and within the realistic deadlines and scope of work. In case, work is not realistic and deadlines are too short or too long, either the valuable time is lost or overused.
  • Avoid any kind of unnecessary tasks that do not add value to any of your goals.

3.  Focus on the Goal Concepts

  • Nothing is perfect in this world, just keep putting in your efforts and expect the wished result. Working towards perfectionism is okay but too much involvement in perfectionism without a watch on the deadlines will not help you complete your objectives on time.
  • Do not waste time looking into small, irrelevant, and unnecessary aspects of a task to get perfectionism. Small and irrelevant steps that do not give any noticeable results can be ignored as they make no difference in the final outcome. You can work on them if you have sufficient time to work.
  • Ensure that you are putting your best efforts to get the right result. That is important.

4.   Up to Date Technical Know-how

  • Work can go on with some implementations of the past but it would right to look into the ‘Up to date’ of any technicalities like mobile communication, modern computer techniques, using latest advanced machines or tools.
  • The world has become fast due to these techniques which need to be implemented otherwise you will not be in par with the world. For example: If I say that I like to use only typing machine and not interested in computers, where would I be standing in the job. Absolutely, nowhere.