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First Technique – Have a Vision, Set Goals, and Aim for your Objectives

Suram February 11, 2021

Vision – Vision is a kind of guarantee that keeps you focused on our goals and achievement. This could be a small thought or wish that gives way to a big picture of efforts, struggles, achievements, passion, satisfaction, failures, learnings. Just imagine if there is no vision, there is nothing that you have to deeply struggle for, then Time Management techniques are of no use. Without vision, you would never know where you are heading, so what sense does it make in going through the course?

So, create a life vision. This will not happen by just jotting down some points in few minutes or listing some wishes. Identify what you want in your life. What makes you happy and satisfied? Long term and short time. How do you want to make your life to be more meaningful? Ensure it is realistic.

Once you target a vision, you have to set up the goals that are practical and achievable, you have to mark the deadlines that are practical and achievable.

To achieve all these, we have to start prioritizing on the basis of, what is important, what is urgent, and what is irrelevant. Urgent tasks require your immediate attention, while important tasks contribute to your goals, mission, and values. So, you need to identify what tasks have to be handled.